Tired of that same old look? Let’s face it, you haven’t truly shaken things up since your 6th grade class picture. It’s time to go for it!

Try out a new look. Check out the sophisticated you with a monacle. Try on a bushy mustache for size. How about a perfectly groomed beard. Haven’t you always wondered what you would look like with a pirate’s eye patch? iStache is here for you. Take your own picture, and let iStache fashion a new you.

Have fun at your friends’ expense! Take their picture, then dress it up with a mustache, beaver teeth, eye patch, and more.

Tap the Camera icon to take a picture, or select an image from your Photo Library.

Tap the Tools button to automatically analyze your picture and dress it up.

Tap on a mustache, eye, etc, to try a new look. (You can also move them around the picture with your finger.)

Note: For best results, your photo needs to be straight-on, with good lighting and both eyes visible.

Please feel free to send any feedback, questions, or comments to

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