iSpraker FREE

iSpraker FREE is a new twist on the classic kids game where you don’t want the marmot to break through the ice.

Tap out blocks of ice, but be careful and don’t break the connection to the center ice block!

If you do, your marmot will fall, and you lose the game!

This is the free version of iSpraker, and it contains ads. To get rid of the ads, you can purchase the full version.

It’s easy to play iSpraker:

1) Pick Human, computer or off for 1 – 4 players
2) Each player takes a turn tapping out 1 block of ice
3) The first player to break out the center ice cube is eliminated from the game.
4) The remaining players then play another “round” until there is one winner.

Remember, you don’t want to break out the center ice cube. If you do, you will “break the ice” and you are out of the current game.

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