iSpooks: The Manor

Recommended only for iPhone 3GS.

iSpooks is a game about ghosts. Not the white-sheeted, Halloween scaremongers, but real ghosts with a history and yes… feelings!
Set in an abandoned English country house, iSpooks is the story of a search. A search for life, liberty, warmth, and truth. Finding the answers will provide freedom, failing will lead to a shadowy existence in ’Limbo’ or Purgatory.

In the iSpooks house there are all kinds of ghosts wandering about. You’ll need to meet them to solve the mystery.

iSpooks was conceived as a practical experiment in audio focused gaming.

The idea was that the gaming experience should be carried by the rich environment of sounds, coming together in what is often referred to as a soundscape. The project was aimed at discovering if a full game experience could be achieved with this intent.

iSpooks: The less you see, the more you know!

* Touch the green triangle to move forward.
* Hold your finger on the triangle to continuously move in a straight line until blocked or stopped.
* Use the two halves of the grey circle to turn and change direction by dragging your finger around them. You can turn 90° or 180°.
* Objects vibrate once when you are near them and twice when you can pick them up.
* The action button is highlighted orange when you can pick up or use objects.
When a ghost is talking, your walking may be suspended until they finish.
* Many doors are locked until opened by a ghost.
* We strongly recommend wearing your iPhone earphones to play this game (it is also important to check you have the left and right buds in the correct ear)

And for the anoraks (techno-nurds) among you:
The binaural recording was achieved using a KU100 Sennheiser binaural head.
The voice recordings mainly utilized a 1960‘s Neumann KM 84.
Digital recording software was Logic Pro, Cubase and Soundtrack Pro all running on Macbook Pro laptops.

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