iSpherical – A Wizard’s Journey

Do you like Magic, Wizards and Fairies? Help the little Wizard guiding his Sphere through the levels by making and breaking blocks.
Tailor the environment to your needs and build a safe passage for the Sphere to the exit.
But watch out – the evil is always there and everywhere!

Do a lot of magical things in this ‘Arcade style Puzzle Platformer’.

– build your own way through the levels
– collect Items
– play bonus levels
– find hidden items
– avoid nasty enemies or … trap ‘em, trick ‘em or kill ‘em ;)
– solve puzzles
– 7 worlds with 12 levels each
– wide range of difficulty from easy going ‘collect everything’ levels to brain and finger acrobatic levels
– start each world separately – no need to unlock one world after another
– cute pre-rendered graphics
– unique sound track
– configurable controls
– controller support

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