Looking for a fun word game to practice your Spanish vocabulary? Opetopic presents IsoWords, a word search game wrapped onto a cube. Find as many Spanish words as you can in the 3x3x3 cube in the allotted time to rack up points. The only catch is that the third time a letter is used, its cube is removed and the letters inside are revealed.

“IsoWords takes on the tested formula with a slight but very cool twist… A fun all around word puzzle wrapped in some pretty impressive UI.”

“…you’ll be crawling over this damn cube like an ant on a honey jar… everything feels well thought out and mulled over.” – Jesper

“Fans of Scrabble, Boggle, BookWorm, and other word games, we have a new word search game for you. It is called IsoWords and it is a new way of playing word search games.” –

“Isometric Boggle smashed into Mahjong with a hammer = placid” – iphonetiny

– Tap and drag along the cube or tap each letter to form a word. Two letters can be connected only if they are adjacent.

– IsoWords can be played by yourself, or with up to 3 friends in a play-and-pass mode.

– If you are stuck you can remove a cube manually by triple tapping it.

– The score of each word is determined by its length and the rarity of its letters in Spanish.

– 6 time modes: play for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 minutes, or use the free play mode to play until the cube is gone.

– Keep track of your best scores with the high scores database and statistics screen.

– Challenge friends on Facebook, Twitter or through email to any previously played game.

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