“iSokoBox”, the nostalgic old, familiar game Sokoban.

Currently, we have included all 389 questions, we plan to further increase the problem depending on the number of downloads from you!

selling “iSokoBox” is the following points.

The multi-problem!
To free, far surpass the amount of problem Sokobox other apps!
The developer has said would increase further Deal!

ยท User-friendliness!
Please see other apps Sokobox.
Are difficult to manipulate everyone said!
In “iSokoBox” However, we have designed (as much as possible) so easy to operate (as possible).
Who were difficult to operate even if it felt, please contact e-mail from the support. Try something!

No. i in the warehouse, we have provided a support mail form in the game.
Please feel free if you have any questions.
Please note capture information but can not be accepted.

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