✭✭✭ IsoCards has won the AppStar Awards for best game! ✭✭✭
✭✭✭ NOTICE: IsoCards for the iPhone can ONLY be used in conjunction with an iPad. ✭✭✭

“iPhone indie game developer Opetopic has thrown out all of the rules for their upcoming iPad card app titled IsoCards.” –

“IsoCards isn’t really a card game. It’s every card game. Or any card game.” –

“Conceptually it’s an interesting approach… it will certainly be a neat technological trick.”

IsoCards is one of the few apps that fully takes advantage of what the iPad has to offer. It’s a multitouch-gesture and physics driven deck of cards, allowing you to play any card game you want. Just add a deck of cards, add a few players, deal out the cards and you are good to go.

* To deal out cards, just flick your finger on the deck and the card will go flying into the player’s hand.

* Wanna see your cards without everyone else seeing? Cup your hand and place it above your cards and they will flip over for only you to see.

* Wanna play poker? Drag out some chips to use for betting.

* A notepad that you can write on or type on to keep track of scores.

* Transfer a player’s cards to an iPhone or iPod touch with IsoCards installed.

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