“Tetris without shapes”

Guide triplets of colored blocks as they fall from above. Stack them in columns. Connect three or more of the same color to destroy blocks. If a tower is too tall it will topple!

Fine tuned for short addictive gameplay. iso does not speed up, but it becomes more difficult over time.

• “iso is a gorgeous falling blocks game.”

• “iso gets most things right, combining simple Tetris-like gameplay with sharp visuals.”

• “iso shows that it’s possible to take a simple idea — falling blocks — and turn it into a work of modern art. You don’t need flashy graphics or thumping sound.”

• “… a fun one to play for 5-10 minutes at a time, this game is totally insane!”

• “… it’s only 99 cents and the solid gameplay with unique visual style make it worth it if you are looking for a new puzzle game for your iPhone.”

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