Islamic Words Scramble

Islamic Word Scramble is a very interesting and informative Iphone game for Muslims around the world especially children. It is a very simple app that tests the knowledge that Muslims possess about their religion. In this interactive game different Islamic words have been jumbled up to form a scramble. All you need to do is to rearrange these letters to write the actual word within sixty seconds.

When you start to play the game, a word with jumble letters appear on your screen with time displayed on top left corner. You drag the misplaced letters to their original position and complete the word. While doing so, you can also read the instructions as well as take help of the hint given below each word.

As the game progresses words get longer and difficult. If you fail to give correct answer within allotted sixty seconds the game will be over and your total score will be calculated. You get maximum points if you manage to complete the word in minimum time. Finally you can share your scores on facebook, twitter and can even mail them to your friends and relatives enticing them to score more than you.

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