iSky Fighter

Sky fighter is a visually appealing game that will have planes fighting in the sky with hard hitting effects.The game loads with jet taking off, preparing you to get ready with your killer instincts in a militarized landscape. A player is given options among fighter jets and missiles to choose from before launching an attack. Once in the game tackling enemy planes, the player can instantly feel the adrenaline when a massive attack breaks hell on him. The experience becomes immersive afterwards with the responsive virtual navigation by which the player navigates the plane and showers bullets on the enemy trail. The player has to destroy 200 enemy planes to face the ‘boss’ in the end. It is advisable that the missiles that a player gets in the beginning of the game are kept handy for the ‘boss’. The boss is massive in size and hovers around trying to kill the fighter. Those who are blessed with good touch navigation will enjoy destroying the boss plane in the end and then there are others who will depart with military pipes played in their funeral, ending the game.

The environment of the game is also breathtaking and with perfect contrast with the characters in it giving a clear and opaque feel. The sounds compliment the events making sky fighter even more
engaging for its players.

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