The secret art of the shuriken has come to iPhone and iPod touch!
Challenge your skills in a shadowy dojo, shooting at a variety of targets. Earn new shuriken upon proving your ability and continue to hone you skills until you have completed each level and won the title of Shuriken Master.
To play you just throw the shuriken by swiping your finger across the screen. The speed and angle of your finger affects the speed and angle of your shuriken. To begin is easy, grasshopper, but to master is very, very difficult…

*beautiful, realistic 3D graphics
*two different play modes – timed and normal
*five different shuriken styles (new styles are awarded to you as you play)
*easy to follow tutorial
*12 levels of varying difficulty
*different targets and obstacles including moving ones that swing and rotate

Note: Thanks to those who offered feedback! More levels and a new mode of gameplay coming soon!

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