iShooting Gallery Lite

NOTE!!! This is a Lite version of iShooting Gallery !

Features of Premium version:
- Hot arcade action
- 60 FPS update rate
- 6 different lanes
- Lots of score combos to find
- Many bonuses
- Collect Prizes and medals for your achievements in the game.
- You can now get hints on what to do to get the various prizes and medals.
- 3 settings of difficulty
- Time trial mode
- Hi-score lists for each mode
- Online Hall of Fame
- You can now view All Time Hall of Fame or just current month Hall of Fame.
- Display 100 top scores for each mode
- Cool music and sound effects

New in version 1.5
- Some small bugs fixed
- A few more optimized routines
- Added show this months hiscores on online Hall of Fame screen
- Added show all time hiscores on online Hall of Fame screen
- Added hints to all prizes and medals on the prizes screen, should make it much easier to find out what to do to get the prizes and medals.

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