iShoot It HD

Improve your shooting skills without ever going outside or even to a shooting range. Download iShoot it and compete against the clock as well as your friends on Game Center. As each level is completed, a new one unlocks. There are 3 different locations, 15 rooms and over 160 targets to demolish. Using the accelerometer, aim the cross hairs of your choice of 4 guns to shatter each glass object. Destroy all the targets as noted on the dashboard to move on to the next room. Once each section is completed, post your score on Game Center. Your friends will be sure to think you must be a professional sharp shooter!


• 15 Levels to play
• Suburban Home Location
• Corporate Office Location
• Electrical Warehouse Location
• 4 Guns to choose from
• Over 160 targets to shoot
• Simple accelerometer controls
• Game Center Leaderboards
• Quality graphics and sound effects
• High Scores system to keep track of your best time for each level
• Unlock levels as you play

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