iShisha 2

It’s been more than two years since the release of iShisha. Now we are back with iShisha 2!

In this game, you get to assemble your shisha, prepare the tobacco and foil, collect as much water as possible, heat the charcoal and finally enjoy the smoking mode.
In case your friends have never set up a shisha, you now can show them how to do it easily.

Enjoy an enire new game including new game modes, new tobacco flavors and lots of new items.

Ishisha 2 content:
-5 game modes
-shisha store
.2 shishas
.9 tobacco flavors
.3 charcoal pieces
.wooden and golden toothstick
.4 foils
.molasses bottles
-highscore that shows the items you used (4 categories)
-trainings mode
-iShisha 2 statusbar (custom battery indicator/stock)

Show your shisha skills and get to the top of the highscore.

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