Good for your Insomnia! Start to count every sheeps for sleep ;)
Good for your morning! start Jump Obstacle in a frenetic run!

Buono per farti dormire, buono per farti svegliare, entra nelle nuove avventure della pecorella di iSheep, non ti deluderà!

This is a simple game like a Breakout in your day.


With iSheep there are three games to play.

1) You become a virtual shepherd tending a flock of Swiss mountain sheep and goat. This simulation game is multi-touch enabled and allows you to control all your sheep simultaneously. Make sure no animals collide with each other and feed them fresh flowers.

2) If you want more excitement, launch a motion controlled wolf to hunt for sheep. But be quick, as the wolf will quickly starve to death if it does not catch a sheep.

3) Or you can motion guide a single sheep on the range making sure it does not starve and does not hit another sheep. Again you need to practice your skill to quickly move your sheep using motion control.