iSettemezzo Lite

iSettemezzo Lite

After the success of iScopa, iBriscola and iTressetteX4, finally iSettemezzo, the BlackJack played the Italian way!

With iSettemezzo you can now play “Sette e mezzo” – the famous italian game – on your iPhone, iPod Touch or IPad. Bet, call your cards, the highest score wins. But watch out, if you exceed 7½ you loose everything!

Once again, doclouisjones brings to you the tradition of the italian card games in a long-lived app!

This is the Lite version, download it for free.
If you like it, download also the the full version offering:
– up to 6 players on the same device
– play with your friends (on the same device) and/or against simulated players
– several virtual opponents with 6 different strategy
– 12 original Italian decks
– custom rules setting
– custom currencies
– accounting: play with your friend and use the accountings to take note of everybody score
– exchangeable backgrounds
– sounds

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