iScopone Scientifico

“iScopone scientifico” is an Italian card game and one of the major national card games in Italy. It is played with a standard Italian 40-card deck (but you can use poker card deck) , between four players in two partnerships.
The name is an Italian verb meaning “to sweep”, since taking a “scopa” means “to sweep” all the cards from the pool. Watching a game of scopone can be a highly entertaining activity, because traditional games involve lively, colorful and stimulates your brain activity and your craftiness. However, skill and chance are more important to the outcome of the game. Our “how to” will explain you the rules.

If you want to challenge your friends or players around the world by Game Center, “iScopone Scientifico” is the game for you!

★ Retina Display support

★ Chat and Avatar

★ Multiple decks and boards

★ Online scores

★ Music and soundFx inspired to the famous italian film “Lo Scopone Scientifico” by Luigi Comencini

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