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New in version 2.0:
Now iScattergories comes with the ability to swipe between the question sheet and answer sheet while playing the game so that you can enjoy a game of iScattergories without the need for additional pen and paper.

There are also additional game play modes such as “Pass ‘n’ Play” and the ability to play iScattergories with your friends and family on multiple devices.

iScattergories is a fast paced, creative thinking, highly addictive word trivia game for all the family!!

The aim of the game is simple enough that it can be played by people of all ages but interesting and fun enough to keep you coming back for years!

Can you think of a boy’s name, a movie title, or even something that can float all beginning with a specific letter of the alphabet?

iScattergories requires you to think of words for various different categories that all start with the same letter. The key is to be creative enough to ensure that you come up with a unique answer; different from the other players to ensure you are awarded maximum points!

iScattergories has 12 lists that are split into 4 different difficulty levels allowing both novice and experienced players many months of fun. Simply shake the device (or tap the button) to select the game letter then select your preferred round time to begin the game. Every player who comes up with a unique answer is awarded a point per category.

The lists in iScattergories will cover many different categories and with random letters being selected by the device, no two games will be the same!

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