iScab brings back a basic joy of childhood. Years of socialization lead us to pick our scabs in private shame and hide our cherished scab jars from friends and loved ones (What?! You DO have a scab jar don’t you?). Today, with the marvels or technology we can once again pick our scabs with pride. We can fill our scab jars to the brim. And we can do it wherever we are, whenever we want. Scab picking has entered the 21st century!

The easiest way to understand iScab is to think of it as scab version of the Tamagotchi key chain pets from not so long ago. Instead of feeding and petting a virtual pet, you scratch and collect virtual scabs.

iScab is not so much a game as it is a return to a favorite pastime. You can also compete with the world to see if you can fill 3 full jars the fastest. That’s a worthwhile pursuit. But really… it’s all about the picking!

iScab is the only scab simulator to allow you to choose from different skin colors or photograph your own skin!

How it works:

• Pick at scabs as they randomly appear
• Carefully pick at the parts of scabs that are healed underneath.
• After picking, the area beneath the scab will begin to heal. In a few hours it will start itching and notify you the scab needs to be picked again.
• Avoid over-picking! If you over-pick it will take longer to heal and collect new scabs.
• The trick is finding the right balance. You want to pick scabs enough to speed their healing without over-picking and causing the scabs to heal slower.
• Impress your signification other by filling your scab jars up the fastest, unlocking achievements, and finding special scabs

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