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Isaac Newton's Gravity is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Isaac Newton’s Gravity Review

It’s a commonly known fact that Isaac Newton invented gravity. We’re not sure what life was like before then, but we’re sure it was a bit more unpredictable, and it probably explains things like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or dinosaurs with tiny arms ruling the world.

Now there’s a new game to honor the admirable scientist, which we find a bit ironic in light of a recent GamePolitics story that reported on the views of an anti-gamer who said if Isaac Newton had played video games, he wouldn’t have formulated the theory of gravity. Well, this game certainly is distracting, but it’s also a real brain-teaser.

Tim Burton presents Isaac Newton’s Gravity

Our initial assumption that this would be just another physics game with nothing more than a famous name attached to it were tossed aside when we saw that Isaac Newton is actually in the game. Well, just a little avatar of Newton that actually reminded us of Benjamin Franklin, but his presence gives the game a lot more character than a typical physics game.

Isaac Newton’s Gravity is focused around individual puzzles that each have one red button as their goal, which you have to push using a ball, metal planks, or the occasional eyeball marble. Unfortunately, MacGyver is nowhere to be found to help you out.

The levels are not easy, partly because the physics are very realistic. When placed in the level, each piece that you get to move and rotate behaves exactly as it would in our gravity-heavy world.

The moai in party mode.

This actually takes some getting used to for gamers accustomed to videogames offering a chance to do physically impossible things. Luckily, there is a hint system for those of us who struggle with the more challenging physics.

Gravity has 50 puzzles, and each one usually takes a decent amount of time, even if you do have physics-puzzle skills. To prevent expert physics-puzzlers from becoming bored, Isaac Newton’s Gravity also comes with a level editor, allowing you to create any number of levels. These can be shared with friends via Bluetooth, and doing so can help fill up your trophy room, which is full of achievements.

Isaac Newton may not have made this game, but since he made gravity, Namco is right in giving him the credit for it. This is a great game, with physics puzzles that require both intellect and patience. If you had a blast with iBlast Moki, Gravity should be next on your list.