ADDICTIVE. CHARMING. CHALLENGING. A RETRO CLASSIC! Repton is truly one of the greatest puzzle games of all time! Selling over a 125,000 copies since first released back in the 80′s for the BBC B Microcomputer.


Fantastic – ★★★★★
“Fantastically addictive, once I started I couldn’t stop playing, a brilliant app”

Genius – ★★★★★
“I wasted hours of my youth with this game and now I can do it all again! THE best game by far back in the day and still brilliant now, I’m sure it’s mostly responsible for my fantastic problem solving skills!! Get it, you’ll love it.”

Perfection!!! – ★★★★★
Just perfect!

Repton is a lizard that crawls around in an underground maze in a quest to collect diamonds by moving earth, pushing rocks and avoiding monsters! If you’re a fan of logic puzzles, or just fancy a break from aimlessly wandering around shooting things then iRepton is for you!

With enhanced graphics and sound, iRepton introduces this classic game to a new generation on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Ideal for all players, from children to seasoned puzzlers.


LEVELS: With over 60+ levels and more coming soon, iRepton will keep you amused for hours!

DIAMONDS: Collect all the diamonds on a level as fast as you can before the time runs out!

MONSTERS: Monsters emerge from cracked eggs – Avoid being caught or kill them with rocks!

KEYS / SAFES: Find keys to unlock safes and open up new areas of a level, but watch out, they might start a landslide of rocks or release a monster!

MAP: Check the map at anytime to view your progress through a level or to give you some helpful pointers of where to go next when trying to solve that tricky puzzle!

RETRO: As well as including modern graphics and sounds, iRepton lets you drop back to the 80’s again by selecting retro mode, which faithfully reproduces all the 8-bit graphics and sound goodness of days gone by!

HIGHSCORE: Can you beat your friends by clearing levels faster or with more points?!


iRepton is officially licensed by Superior Interactive