iRate MineCraft

See & Rate MineCrafts on your iPhone. One of the top rating app on the market!

OVER 250,000 DOWNLOADS for the iRate apps collection!!
Thousands of users use it every day!

iRate MineCraft is for those of you who love and/or create MineCrafts.

Think your MineCraft is the best MineCraft in the world?
– Why not let other people know it…

MineCraft lovers:
1.Enter the application to see other people’s MineCrafts and browse through the photos.
2.Submit your opinion on each MineCraft either by rating or by posting a comment.

MineCraft creators:
1.Take a photo of your MineCraft with the iPhone camera or select a photo from the iPhone album.
2.Submit the photo of your MineCraft and see what other people think about it.
3.Try to take the best picture of your MineCraft in order to achieve the number 1 top rated MineCraft title!

GET THE PRO VERSION to enjoy the app even more and gain the advanced features:

✓✓ No Ads
✓✓ Upload up to 30 photos
✓✓ Search by name or breed/brand/type
✓✓ Delete and respond comments
✓ Plus more:
✓ Ability to see if there are Unread Comments from the main list
✓ Ability to see the awards given by rating users
✓ Reveal the rating score BEFORE it reaches 25 votes
✓ Write and edit information on your photo
✓ Ability to change the photo’s name
✓ PLUS more to come in the next versions!!

New unique feature: AWARDS!
In addition to regular rating users can give the photo awards icons such as:
✿ Flower
★ Star
☺ Smiley
☝Thumb up
$ Money bag

Those award icons express how you feel about the photo.

** If you have any comments or issues about this application, please send an email to the support. You can access the support email from within the application in the ‘My MineCrafts’ tab by tapping the Info button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Photos are not visible immediately upon submission, but only after a staff review. This normally takes up to 24 hours. This is done so that only legible & appropriate photos are displayed in the app.

Note: The application requires an internet connection

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