Get ready for the most realistic and visually stunning ragdoll physics simulation on the App Store. Interact with beautifully rendered ragdolls in an infinite 3D world featuring truly realistic motion, shock wave explosions and impacts. And there’s more…

• Four different characters and backgrounds.
• Play with two ragdolls simultaneously.
• Ragdolls can keep their balance.
• Camera movements react to explosions.
• In-game music and sound effects.
• Tilt the world by tilting your device.
• Settings for physics, controls and effects.
• Full support for retina display devices including iPhone 5.
• Motion blur, reflections and shadows.
• Newest devices support 60 FPS.

What others are saying:

★★★★★ – Best ragdoll app EVER!!!
★★★★★ – OMG! Awesome graphics, epic skins, and 6 tons of dynamite! Rock on! ;)
★★★★★ – Epically realistic! This is the most realistic app I have ever seen! I wish these physics were used in other games.
★★★★★ – Really cool and addictive app!! Beautiful graphics and incredible realism makes this a five star!

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