Test your French soccer knowledge and challenge your friends with iQuizLigue1 !

Developed by MindTheQuiz, iQuizLigue1 is the application that challenges your knowledge on the French Ligue 1.

In the ‘ENTRAINEMENT’ mode, you can warm up by answering 5,10 or 20 questions; in the ‘CHAMPIONNAT’ mode, you will face the Nationale round, the Ligue 2 and the Ligue 1; In the ‘TIRS AUX BUTS’ mode, you can play with your friends in a 1 vs1 challenge with 5 questions.

iQuizLigue1 questions deal with:

– players
– coaches
– presidents
– teams
– rules
– stadiums
– records

Game modes are:

1) ENTRAINEMENT – You can choose the number of questions you wish to answer: 5 in the ‘Warm up’ session, 10 in the ‘Normal Session’, 20 in the ‘Hard session’.

2) CHAMPIONNAT – Initially, you will face the Preliminary Round, then the Semi-Final and the Final. Questions’ difficulty increases as you advance the rounds.

3) TIRS AUX BUTS – Created by the MindTheQuiz team, this game mode gives you the opportunity to challenge your friends with five questions.

Enter the game, challenge your friends and face the hard battle to the top of the Ligue 1!

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