“Crouch, touch, pause, engage!”

Face the hard battle to win the Six Nations Championship!

This lite version features a limited questions database. To play with the full set of questions, download iQuiz6Nations.

Developed by MindTheQuiz, iQuiz6NationsLite is the lite version of iQuiz6Nations, the trivia game dedicated to rugby fans. With an intuitive graphics and a teasing game structure, iQuiz6Nations will challenge your knowledge on the Six Nations Championship.

iQuiz6Nations features questions on:

– Players
– Coaches
– Statistics
– Anthems
– Stadiums
– Trophies
– Traditions

Warm up answering 5, 10 or 20 questions in the “Training” mode. Avoid the Wooden Spoon and win the Grand Slam in the “Championship” mode! Or, if you don’t want to play alone, gather your friends and defy them with a five-question challenge in the “Scrum” mode!


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