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iQuest Review

If you like text-based Flash games with 2D graphics and limited online interaction, well, you’re probably in a pretty small demographic. But if you’re into that sort of thing, there’s iQuest, billed by its developers as the first fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online game for the iDevice. Impressed? Don’t be. It’s not worth your time and money.

iQuest starts out with a character creation, in which you choose your name, race (i.e., human, dwarf, faerie) and class (i.e. knight, thief, priest). Each race and class differs through the three main stats — strength, mind and reflex. After a brief introduction, your character is launched into the town where the entirety of the game takes place.

All quests are assigned through the tavern, each one with its own selection requirements and set of rewards. After selecting a quest, the game tells you what happened with some text, and that’s it. Weapons, armor and other items can be purchased at various shops around town. The church offers healing for money, though waiting 45 seconds will refresh each point, too. Your character starts with 10 points of energy, and refreshing will be required every few quests — 2 minutes per each point of energy. The merchant house allows you to buy various properties to make some middling gold per hour, and you can buy as many as you like.

The Arena is the closest to multiplayer interaction you will get, as none of the other buildings in town have any multiplayer requirements. You’ll find there is a list of available characters to fight. Every time you log in, you are greeted with how many fights your war-mongering character got into and the results, but not who fought you. The Castle is the leaderboard with three ranking categories based on level, Arena victories and gold, each rank with a corresponding title.

iQuest is admittedly addicting, but in that shallow sense of being an online Flash game. Move along past this one, friend.