Ready for a new and unique puzzling cube game? iQube is here and ready to challenge your mind! Reduced Price!

iQube combines various types of games, such as a Rubik’s cube with a Tetris feel. The idea is to shuffle and rearrange the colored cubes into the designated spaces where they will turn silver. The level is completed once all of the cubes are silver. Sounds easy, right? Think again!

If you become an iQube expert and your mind can handle more complex patterns and cubes, then submit your score to the global and local leaderboards and see if you can be the best iQuber. A tutorial is included as well to help get started.

-50+ evolving puzzles with unlockable levels
-Motivating global and local score leaderboard
-Different difficulty levels and several game modes
-Addictive gameplay for all puzzle lovers
-Help tutorial explaining the gameplay

So what are you waiting for? Challenge your brain and start solving new challenging puzzles with iQube today!

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