iQBloxing PRO – Amazing Block Puzzle

iQBloxing PRO is a perfect mix of arcade and puzzle. Really ADDICTIVE game!


“I love it!!! It’s really not hard until it gets to higher level. Fun and addicting!” by michaelmwilliams for iQBloxing.

“I didnt think it would be that much fun, so i tried it an. It was so fun yet challenging” by markmevans for iQBloxing.

“This game is loads of fun amd the graphics are great” by lukdvs for iQBloxing.

Check iQBloxing PRO by yourself! It absolutely worth a look.

Puzzle is too boring for you? Arcade game is not “intellectual” enough? We’ve made perfect mix – iQBloxing PRO! You’ll love it for sure!

iQBloxing PRO is an extremely addictive game created by bees4honey team specially for your iPhone and iPod Touch. By mixing arcade and puzzle game we created interesting and addictive gameplay with significant puzzle’s component. iQBloxing PRO is a 3D game with realistic animation and cool graphics. It looks very nice and we believe that it’s important for any game!

In iQBloxing PRO you need to find a way for your block through each level to the final hole. You’ll control the block by sliding your finger over the screen in the direction you want to move the block. You don’t have to start sliding on the block – any place you like will work well. Levels in iQBloxing PRO are full of different game objects, e.g. bridges, switchers, teleporters, “weak” game fields, etc. Each level is harder than the previous one!

iQBloxing PRO has 51 awesome levels! It’s quite large amount – iQBloxing PRO will take your attention for a long time. If you need awesome game on your iPhone or iPod to spend your time with fun, but challenging – iQBloxing PRO is a great choice for you!

– Very nice 3D graphics;
– Lots of levels – 51;
– Addictive and interesting gameplay;
– Awesome animation effects;
– Achievements and rewards ( medals for completing level ) system;
– Lots of levels, each level is harder than the previous one.

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