iQ Challenge

iQ Challengeā„¢ applications are memory games designed to improve working memory for persons ages 5 to 95. Random numbers are generated and the User must reproduce them.

Numbers will be presented in six different methods or levels:

– Visual & Audio
– Visual Only
– Audio Only
– Visual & Audio in Reverse Order
– Visual Only in Reverse Order
– Audio Only in Reverse Order

Points are awarded for degree of difficulty (i.e. length of number and level). When the game is over, the User has the opportunity to send an iQ Challenge email to another player.

Studies have shown that 80% of the Users benefit from this type training. Play iQ Challenge on a consistent basis and within a short time you can expect the following:

– Improve Cognitive Learning Skills.
– Increase Short Term & Working Memory.
– Great Preparation for ACT & SAT.
– Build Confidence in Your Learning Abilities.
– Improve Attention Span.

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