iPushFit Jigsaw Lite

If you like jigsaws and visual puzzles in general, you will love iPushFit. Just like a traditional jigsaw puzzle you must reassemble a photo. The hardest puzzles included are without photos and are extra challenging.

Note: This is the lite edition of iPushFit


– 7 challenging puzzles with up-to 27 pieces
– Continue any puzzle from where you left off. The game will remember how you positioned all the pieces.
– Internet based high-score system so you can compare yourself with the rest of the world
– Intelligent touch system, that lets you slide pieces around the screen as easily as if they were real
– Smooth graphics and subtle sound effects
– Time used for solving the puzzle
– High-quality photos

Additional features in the full version include:

– 47 puzzles
– Create your own puzzles using photos from your album

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