iPush3D II

The whole new version with realtime 3D structure and texture display method, leading a more stable performance, more accurate mathematical operation and higher quality scene details.

Welcome to the Real 3D World of the ball & boxes. All you need to do is tilt your device. So you can make the PUSH! –Push the wooden box(es) into the specific location by using the porcelain ball.
But there are NOT JUST PUSH, several different level with the increasingly difficult are waiting. Not only needs you to decide WHICH location will be occupied by WHICH box, but also needs you to figure out HOW to organize the order of the PUSH.

+ 12 Normal Mode Levels with Increasingly difficult.
+ 6 Free Mode Levels (which means the box(es) will rotate and even fly when the ball push it).
+ More scenes are coming and update for FREE.

Just remember: TILT ANGLE = SPEED!


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