iPotato the Game

The ZANY mind of Jonathan launches this wacky app! Get ready for the fast, fun, & exciting world of iPotato, we are kicking ‘fun’ into high gear so toss some spuds!
iPotato the Game is an addictive game that reaches you, your friends, family, & if you choose random players “Globally” & “locally” for a unique game playing experience enabled by Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNS) technology! iPotato is an early adopter of the exciting new APNS technology from Apple!
Challenge your friends & family, or the Global iPotato network & keep striving for a top 10 score!

iPotato the Game is a ‘social media’ version of ‘Hot Potato’, game play focuses on the toss & re-toss of an iPotato between network contacts, or to random players in primary continents worldwide (Americas; Asia, Europe, Africa, & Australia), each iPotato can include up to a 100 character text message, or a 60 second voice message! Send those spuds flying and taunt your friends and family! Premium points are awarded for your speed in re-tossing a received iPotato, you only have 40 seconds from the time you receive an iPotato, if you fail to re-toss an iPotato you’ll get ‘burned’ which costs you 10 points & lowers your ranking in the iPotato ‘Top Score’ game statistics.

Interested in where your iPotato has been traveling? iPotato the Game is fully integrated with online maps, each & every location your iPotato has been tossed (green pins), & where it eventually burned (red pins) is at your finger tips! Just select on the pin & you will see the physical location (depending on GPS accuracy) where your iPotato was received, or burnt, who originated the toss (you), and who received it! You can even see who it was forwarded to and where they were when the iPotato was received!
Take visualization up a notch with full 3D delivered in the HOT NEW STREAMING KML! Use the link below to download the KML file to your PC or MAC, then use GE to open the KML file & view all Global iPotato tosses in realtime! (updated every 20 seconds):


If you want to see only your iPotato tosses, send an email to support@ipotatogame.com with your iPotato user ID and we’ll send you a customized player specific KML file (updated every 5 seconds).

You can choose a photo from your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad library and customize your iPotato account! Create a unique avatar and upload the photo to iPotato through the ‘Manage Account’ feature!

Upload your own graphic/artwork for use as your customized iPotato. See our website www.ipotatogame.com and select the ‘Customize and Update’ link for details.

In iPotato you can turn on/off any registered contact in the ‘Manage Contacts’ and ‘Settings’ features! Play with anyone world-wide or play with only your select group of friends/family! iPotato points are awarded regardless of who you chose to play with!

Additional features include:
Hot New Streaming KML file – provides a global users view, or customized for your players name.
Choose your own background music from your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad library!
Send up to 100 character text messages with each iPotato toss, or up to a 30 second voice message!
Sending & receiving player names are displayed real-time in GE!
A-Z contact jump buttons ensure rapid navigation of any size contacts list!

Detailed game play information can be found at www.ipotatogame.com, including rules, an image gallery with detailed screen shots, scoring tiers, & statistics.

Good luck!

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