iPimple – do you love it or hate it?

It’s a game that you and friends will love or hate. Watch them squeal with delight or squirm with disgust as they pop the pimples on the character’s faces.

Play two different modes:

* Challenge
How many pimples can you pop in a minute? Progress through the levels as the pimples appear faster and faster. What is your best time?

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* Standard play
Complete all the levels to unlock some surprising characters. Pop all the pimples in the given time to move onto the next face.

Both modes are highly addictive and have a fast paced pick-up-and-play style. Use two fingers (or thumbs) to squeeze all the pimples and hear the rather interesting sounds.

iPimple is a fun app made by a hard working married couple (with only a few marital disputes along the way)!

‘Yuk…can’t stand the game…the noises are just disgusting’ – not the biggest fan… but this downloader’s reactions to the game are really funny!

‘I’m addicted. Some of the faces are ace. Really enjoyed splatting the spots on ***** (not going to give away all the characters!)’ – an iPimple fan!

So… where will you fall? Love it? Or hate it?

(iPimple previously called iSpot).

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