iPiano Lessons

iPiano Lessons is a free application for anyone who wishes to improve on their piano playing skills.

The application covers piano lessons in video format with the following topics:

1. *Learn to improvise with 4 bass notes
2. *Learn to play piano with whole tone notes
3. *Learn About Music Rhythm
4. *Listen to Fur Elise (New Improvised Version)
5. *Learn to visualize piano keys (Sight Reading Technique 1)
6. *Learn to sight read notes (Sight Reading Technique 2)
7. *Learn to sight read advanced piano piece (Sight Reading Technique 3)
8. *Learn to play Greensleeves Part 1
9. *Learn to play Greensleeves Part 2
10. *Learn to play chord progression 1-IV-V
11. *Learn to arrange piano melodies
12. *Learn to roll your chords
13. *Learn how to play octave runs
14 *Learn how to create a music theme
15 *Learn how to play the tango style
16. *Learn to dress up music with ballad broken 2nd chord
17. *Learn to play suspended chords

Please also check out our popular music reading program – Piano Music Reading, and Children Piano Game.

You will be amazed and thrilled with the lessons. These piano lessons will take your piano playing to the next level. We worked hard to produce this piano playing techniques so that you can learn more effectively.

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