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iPhone 4 Case Program Initiated

At Apple’s press event last Friday, the company announced that they would be initiating a program for iPhone 4 buyers to receive a free Apple bumper or third-party case. Today, they released an app to make this process easy.

To download the app, click here. The process it brings you through is easy. When you first open the app, it’ll ask you to enter your password. Then you’ll be given the choice of an Apple bumper or a third-party case from Incase, Belkin, or others. After selecting, you’ll be asked to verify your shipping information (which should be in your account information already). Confirm this and you’re good to go. The cases are expected to ship in the next three to five weeks.

If you’re looking for how to get reimbursed for a previously purchased bumper or want to return your iPhone 4, check Apple’s support page for the free case program.

Even if you aren’t having trouble with the iPhone 4’s antennae, a free case is always nice. The process, downloading the app included, takes all of a minute, so there isn’t much reason not to do it.