iPharaoh – EP2. Desperate Pharaoh

Getting sick of same old defense & puzzle game? Now here is iPharaoh with some new twist! You have to try iPharaoh, ULTIMATE PUZZLE ACTION GAME!

You have to protect your precious treasures in a dusty pyramid from treasure hunters. There are Mummies, Giant Cube Stones, Rotating & Sliding Walls, and Booby Traps at your command to help you.

*What others say about this game :

” It’s quite easy to let time escape while muttering, “Just one more level…just one more level….” – www.examiner.com (★★★★★)

“On the whole, a nice puzzle game with a great theme. The pharaohs were never this fun before.” – iPhoneFootPrint.com (★★★★★)

“This game is amazingly addictive!” – Zivyzips (★★★★★)

“very cute puzzle type game with a twist” – Lacedolphin (★★★★★)

“Very great game and I highly recommend it! So much fun, very hard to put down” – JCman7 (★★★★★)

“Havn’t stopped playing it since i bought it!” – gnas7 (★★★★★)

★★★★★ WHAT’S NEW? ★★★★★

Episode 2: Desperate Pharaoh!

– A whole new set of 15 maps designed for new game mode
– Defeat the hunters coming back and back again in waves
– Defend your treasure with the strategy.


Episode 1 : Defend your Pharaoh

A Total of 60 maps with unique mazes and traps
Defend the Pharaoh’s treasure from different hunters.

* A total of 60 unique maps:
– 6 different stages
– 10 maps for each stage
– Each map features a unique maze of hunters and traps

* Five unique traps to defend your treasure:
– Mummies
– Giant Cube Stones
– Rotating Walls
– Sliding Walls
– Booby Traps

* Three distinct hunters:
– The Treasure Hunter
– The Ninja
– The Giant


* Official SNS :
Twitter : twitter.com/StudioUFO
Facebook : facebook.com/pages/STUDIO-UFO/135468631494

* YouTube Video : youtube.com/watch?v=b6QNSu9gbh8

* Official Homepage : just9.net/STUDIOUFO/

* Support: studioufo @ just9.co.kr for email support and inquries

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