iPearls bears many similarities to some of the best Puzzle Arcade games, yet with a striking difference – the action happens on scales! The rules of the game are simple: as pearls descend you will need to place them evenly onto scales so that the scales will stay in balance. Line up three or more pearls of the same color for points. The greater the combo, the greater the reward.

However, the difficulty is that combined pearls of the same color will disappear. Getting rid of pearls makes the balancing act all the more challenging. The game of iPearls is easy to play but hard to master! If any shell touches the ground, the game is over. So stay sharp – the balance can change very quickly!

iPearls features endless, addictive and challenging gameplay complete with score-based leader boards. You can even play with your friends as it’s fully integrated with OpenFeint and GameCenter!

So, what you’re waiting for? Download iPearls now!

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