iPattern Memory Game

Very fun and exciting new memory puzzle game app!
iPattern is a memory puzzle game similar to the classic electronic board game Simon. The CPU will show a pattern to the player. The player then repeats the pattern they saw via the colorful board buttons. Each pattern is completely different after every round in Pattern Mode. Which round can you make it to?

iPattern can be played competitively where a player can strive to be the best out of their friends or even the world!
iPattern can be played casually such as to pass the time when in a line, during a commute, in bed, etc… maybe you can even play around with the board before the game starts and discover music??

More ways to play and customize!
Pattern Mode

Traditional Mode

Store Mode: Get new cool additional
Sounds and more!

Challenge your friends on GameCenter

Try to be the best on the Gamecenter Leaderboards for each mode.

Join the fun and anticipate awesome new updates in the future such as new sounds, game board layouts, even new game modes and enhancements!!

iPattern makes Staff’s Pick on appsfunder site.

People love iPattern, even before it has been released it has been getting such good feedback.

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