iPark it 2: Park the World

iPark it 2: Park the World is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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iPark It 2: Park The World Review

One of the universal complaints about city life is the struggle to find a parking spot. Is there anyone who enjoys driving around cramped lots, looking for an empty space, and then squeezing your several-ton machine between two jerks who parked on the lines? While it’s not as bad as all that, iPark It 2: Park the World brings you a similar experience.

Trumping the original iPark It in graphics and playability, this sequel has you doing much the same thing as the first one: avoiding accidents while driving around and parking. You’ll pass some fellow drivers and navigate rough or icy patches along the way. You’ll do your best to avoid parked cars, and pull gently into the parking spot at the end of each level. And that’s pretty much it. Every level has all of these elements, with hardly anything new introduced along the way. You can’t race, do tricks, or take shortcuts. It’s basically an errand-running sim.

Like driving in real life, only less dangerous.

The controls are pretty good, although the accelerator slider and steering wheel take up a lot of screen space, so your thumbs will cover some of the action. You can choose touch or tilt controls to steer, and both work well, but it’s easy to accidentally switch between them, causing the occasional fender bender.

You have a health bar, so crashing once won’t end the game. You lose a life when your health runs out, but even when you run out of lives you can spend 300 points to buy an extra one. This isn’t much of a punishment since points come easily, so we’re not sure why they even bothered giving you limited lives. Another baffling issue is the AI for the other drivers on the road. They show no awareness of other vehicles on the road, so they’ll bash into you or other drivers, creating road blocks.

There’s nothing outrageously wrong with iPark 2: Park The World. The real problem is that the premise isn’t even remotely exciting. If realistic driving games are your thing, you may enjoy it for a while. But since there’s no variety to the gameplay, you’ll probably grow bored quickly and realize that you do enough normal driving as it is.