Crazy Carnival Balloons — Exploded by your fingers!

A new amusing addictive casual elimination game IS COMING NOW! Have fun with the colorful balloons and your fingers!

All you need to do is tap on the screen to explode the balloons. When the balloons explosion there comes wonderful fireworks in different colors depands on the color of balloon.

It will be note worthy that:

1. Time is everything.(the time is limited)
2. The longer “Hits”, the more points you get.
3. The Longer “Hits”, the quicker to clear the level.
4. Fill the bar with balloons to get the time bonus.
5. Two fingers always better than one finger twice.
6. You need to find the mystery in order to pass the level successfully

I-PAPA will be the most beautiful, enjoyable game and will helpful to relaxes your mind. So enjoy it!

+ Up to sixty levels (In App Purchase)
+ 3 different difficult level as easy, normal and hard (In App Purchase)
+ Fully 3D environments with realistic 3D model and vivid effct

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