Invisible Runner

Invisible Runner is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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New App A Day: Invisible Runner

Today’s featured app is an atmospheric 2D side-scrolling platformer called Invisible Runner. Originally a Flash game (which you can play here), Invisible Runner is a fairly typical platformer in all ways but one: by default, your character is invisible.

But don’t worry! Thanks to the numerous black coins scattered throughout the levels, he spends most of his time silhouetted and very much able to be seen. The visibility wears off quickly, though, so you’ll have to keep trucking through the levels if you want to keep him onscreen at all times.

The one issue we have with the game so far is the odd control scheme. Instead of giving you a traditional D-pad and a single jump button, the developers have placed the left and right arrows in the lower corners of the screen, and plopped jump buttons above each. This means that to change direction– which you have to do often in this game– you must use alternating thumbs to move and to jump. This adds unnecessary confusion to an otherwise very straightforward game.

An old-film style filter runs over the graphics and shows specks of dust flickering on and off all over the place, and some pleasant minimal music plays in the background. But don’t let these effects lull you into semi-consciousness– this game is tough.

So far we’re enjoying Invisible Runner, but we wish it gave us the option to use a traditional D-pad and jump button. In any case, check out the Flash version online if the idea appeals to you.