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Invader Hunter is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Invader Hunter Review

Game descriptions on the App Store are the written form of merchants hawking their wares, with exclamation points taking the place of marketplace shouts. This is particularly pronounced in the description for Invader Hunter, which is full of superlatives boasting of amazing eye-popping awesomeness. There is some merit to their claims, but the game still doesn’t make it to the top of our charts.

Invader Hunter is billed as a hunting game, but it is really a combat arcade game where you play as a heavily armored marine fighting a large alien in a small level. There is very little hunting done– except when you’re being chased by the alien– but you’ll do plenty of close quarters fighting. There is some variety in the aliens and levels, but most types are repeated with a few variations to populate the game.


Invader Hunter earns points for its straightforward nature. The menu consists of four items: Mission, Inventory, Equipment, and Workshop. The latter is where you can build new weapons and armor, provided you have the money and materials. That gets interesting in the material requirements and the potential for equipment set bonuses, which provide a leg up on the battlefield, from a defense boost to flaming bullets. These can be tested out in the missions, of which there are 35, grouped into “rates,” which we could only guess referred to rates of difficulty.

The combat is the game’s substance, and it is both fun and easy to grasp. Movement is controlled by a D-pad and a roll button, and shooting is done with a third button. The game automatically aims in the direction of the alien you’re fighting, but you have to aim more precisely with the D-pad to land better hits, which is practically required for the more difficult enemies. The graphics are good, especially for some of the aliens, but it doesn’t reach the full potential of the iOS platform.

Cooler than Build-A-Bear.

There is an attempt at plot, provided in the game description and in a message before each mission from your eye-patched boss. While we appreciated the effort, the plot doesn’t make much sense, and the sensical parts lose some value in their broken English delivery.

Invader Hunter is a good game, particularly for players who don’t mind that not all of its edges are polished, and whose primary interest lies in fighting aliens who simply need to be fought.