■ About This App

*** CAUTION !! ***
Message of this app is written in Japanese only

This application is a visual novel dedicated iPad.
Beautiful graphics, lyrical songs, a work ported faithfully doujin game called the pinnacle of the novel is highly linked to the scenarios that lie hint.

Novel type of game is not like reading choices.
You can read up about 1 / 4 of the story for free.
Who would be the continuation of the story and ending with the top billing, please enjoy.

iPad 専用のビジュアルノベルです。

無料で物語の 1/4 くらいまでを読むことが出来ます。

■ story

What has been the cherry blossoms ?
I’m counting the number ─. The petals of a double cherry-blossoms.

During the opening ceremony.
The boy meets a mysterious boy under the cherry tree.

I’m just looking at me ─.
Suspended the head girl ─.

What he saw in a dream or vision.
─ ─ truth or do.

Women lead the boys in a bizarre foliage
God witness the dog alive in modern monster.

“I bought your grudge ─ Inugamisuji”







■ Operation

Double Tap View Menu
Continue to tap a second Proceeding automatically(Tap to Stop)
Triple Tap Skip Force(Release to Stop)

Swipe to the Left Hide characters(Tap to Unhide)
Swipe to the Right History

※ Operation of View the history
Swipe to the Left Read Forward
Swipe to the Right Read Back
Double Tap Stop View the History

二本指タップ メニューを表示
一秒間タップ 自動読み進み(Tap to Stop)
三本指タップ 強制スキップ(指を離すと停止)

左スワイプ 字を隠す(タップで復帰)
右スワイプ 履歴
右スワイプ 読み戻し
左スワイプ 読み進み
二本指タップ 復帰

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