Insurrrectos is a mix of strategy and management, thanks to its exceptional gameplay achieves the perfect balance between ease, fun and entertainment.

Insurrectos you can:

* Create and upgrade your army to protect your country or wreak havoc on the world.
* Get upgrades for your country to help your citizens.
* Manage your resources and uses each to the fullest.
* Defend yourself from the attacks of other nations with the help of your intelligence.
* Append new countries to your movement by direct attacks.
* Perform less aggressive actions “siege” in order to add new countries to your nation.
* Check the financial status of your country.
* Check your messages secret service.


* Different stories based on different styles of play.
* Enter a world where you have the power to write history for better or for worse.
* Take action easily thanks to its super gameplay.
* Get scores for your performance in the game.
* Many countries to add.
* Different types of difficulty, called challenges.
* Customize your interface.

The memories linger on time, and bad memories linger even more… How do you want to be remembered?

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