Inspees are very inspiring and witty birds that can take away all your boredom. They come in all colors and are programmed to be very intelligent birds.

We have trapped them in your iPhone screens and they wish to fly away to freedom. All you have to do is to group them into a pack of 3 or more similar birds and tap to release them. Their freedom is your entertainment, and your intelligence is their good luck.
Turn on your quick reflexes and be a peace lover.

Collect as many bonuses you can and score more. If you group and release more than 3, you will get more score. This sounds very easy for the initial few moments of the game play, it gets very challenging as you set more birds free.

It’s not just about setting the birds free, but it’s also about setting global ranking on our scoreboard. Get ready to challenge the world now..!

•Amazing puzzling gameplay
•Unlimited Fun
•Cool bird animation and vivid graphics
•Integrated with Openfient and Gamecenter for global scoring

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