Insect Talent

The classic masterpiece of arcade games. Super game sweeping the games market.A hit game play in the Game Expo.The Insect Talent launch to the Apple Store on behalf of the trend in 2012.

Come on, play with the Insect Talent to enjoy the fun! A new generation of Insect Talent integrate the latest trend in the arcade games. What are you waiting for? Take action to play it!

Insect Talent expand to up to 30 kinds of insects and 5 World Scenes.It is full of surprise and fun, and various inserted game elements will bring you preeminent experience!

* In-game tutorial,easy to learn
* Elaborate design for scenes and insects
* Various weapons to choose,support to weapon upgrade
* The latest game rule for bet, which provides the most freedom to the game players
* Fresh and beautiful drawing, full of idyllic fun
* Lovely and vivid game dubbing
* Mysterious in-game rewards to be explored

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