Insect Evasion Lite

Intense bug dodging action!
-Rank up to earn combo multipliers and rewards
-Earn many achievements for various accomplishments
-Addictive gameplay
-Use game collected coins to buy numerous power-ups and upgrades from the store
-Game Center leader boards to compete with friends or the world
-Universal app optimized for iPad, retina devices and iPhone

Insect Evasion pits the player against various bugs including beetles and spiders while the player collects coins to increase their score. Each bug has their own special attack. Keep your finger on the screen and survive as long as you can!
Along the way the player collects wisps to give them special power ups such as slow motion or invincibility. The player can spends coins they collected while playing in the shop to purchase different wisp power ups.
Insect Evasion also employs an achievement system that rewards the player for numerous accomplishments such as surviving for 5 minutes or collecting 100 coins in a game. There’s even achievements for how far you move your finger! Achieves are used to rank up to earn the player multipliers or other rewards. With achievements and 20 ranks to collect the player will always have something to strive for.

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