inReverse Party Game Lite

Bring your iPhone or iPad to the party or organize a party wherever you are in an instant. Play for a few minutes or for hours, it’s up to you! The game is based on a popular Russian TV show. Watch our lame demo video at or read the reviews if you don’t believe this can be funny!


Enjoy fully functional version of inReverse Party Game for free.

In the full version:
✔ No banners.
✔ Choose fragment lengths from 1 to 7 seconds.
✔ Make longer recordings, up to 18 fragments.
✔ Use your iPod music as suggestions.


“We did find one party-game app, however, that was gloriously dumb – dumb in that “I hate to admit it, but playing this game is actually a hoot” way. That would be inReverse Party Game”

“A truly unique party game. It’s simplicity will amaze and entertain”

“The game itself is loads of fun, though I imagine it may be even more fun if you’re totally inebriated”


1. Every game round involves two players, but if you have more people you can break into teams and change team every round.

2. The First Player secretly records a short fragment of a song a capella while the Second Player is not listening.

3. The Second Player listens to the recorded a cappella in reverse and tries to guess the song at once.

4. If the Second Player can’t guess it, then he tries to repeat the reversed version by recording it fragment by fragment.

5. When all fragments are recorded, Second Player listens to them all together reversed back and makes his final guess! If he has repeated fragment close enough he should hear the original song. Or something very similar!

Universal App – tested on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, original iPhone and iPad. iPod touch should be supported from 2G and up.

inReverse is fully localized in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese.

Check out to watch a demo video and to leave your feedback. Share your tips and game rules variations with everyone!

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