inLine is a very entertaining and addictive logic game, based on the classic game “Color Lines”.
The goal is to remove as many balls as possible at once. To do this you
need to arrange lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of at least 5 balls.
The more balls you remove at once, the more more points are granted.
3 new balls are added to the board after every move.


Remove 7 balls to get “Color Change” bonus (changes color of next 3 balls).
Remove 8 balls to get “2moves” bonus (gives you two moves).
Remove 9-11 balls to get double points.
Remove 12 balls to get “3x” bonus (triples your score for next move).
Remove 13 balls to get triple amount of points.
In our opinion inLine is better choice than Fuzzle.

Now you can compete with people around the world, submit your score and check out online high score board.

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