Influential Works of Art Puzzle Gallery

Influential Works of Art Puzzle Gallery is a challenging visual based puzzle with an art history theme. The app includes 12 influential works of art from the High Renaissance by famous artists such as Jan van Eyck, Sandro Botticelli, Giovanni Bellini, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Paolo Veronese, Albrecht Dürer, and Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

A new perspective on the works of art will surely be the result of the image-based puzzles. You will need to visually inspect every detailed element of the work of art to reassemble the images giving you the opportunity to look and absorb the pieces like never before. Image tiles are dragged into place and automatically swapped to create a smooth and intuitive user experience while solving the puzzles.

A difficulty level can be set for each artwork image based on your comfort level. The easy level utilizes a 5 x 5 grid while the hardest level uses a 10 x 10 grid to create a very challenging puzzle. In between, you can also select a 6 x 6, an 8 x 8, or a 9 x 9 grid to ensure that the challenge level is perfect for you.

For added entertainment, a timer will keep track of your puzzle progress and a helpful image tile counter helps you keep track of the number of tiles which are placed correctly. There is also a quick image preview to see what the image should look like when properly pieced together, and for additional help a position indicator will also point you towards areas where pieces are not in the correct place as the puzzle is closer to completion.

Additional puzzle packages are available through an in app purchase featuring other periods throughout art history which include:

– Prehistoric & Ancient Near East Art
– The Art of Ancient Egypt
– The Art of Ancient Greece
– Etruscan & Roman Art
– Early Christian & Byzantine
– Early Medieval Art
– Romanesque Art
– Gothic Art
– Baroque Art
– Rococo & the Birth of Modern Art
– 19th Century Art
– Early 20th Century Art

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